Welcome to my portfolio website! I am a Senior at Augsburg University in Minneapolis, MN double majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. Augsburg is a small private school in the heart of the Twin Cities. At school I am the president of our chapter of Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) as well as the president of Unbounded, our math club. I can usually be found in the Linux Lab tutoring or working on projects with friends. I will be starting full time as a software developer at Trimble after I graduate in May 2018.

[About Me]

I am a passionate, hardworking and reliable young professional trying to learn as much as I can about the vast worlds of computer science and mathematics. Between homework and work, you will usually find me working on projects with my friends, playing with our 3D printer or reading books on programming topics. Outside of school I enjoy spending time at my parents' cabin, going to the gym, playing basketball, ultimate frisbee and football and going snowboarding and wakeboarding. I have particular interests in artificial intelligence and financial applications of mathematics that I am considering pursuing later in graduate school. However, I would like to work as a developer after I finish my undergraduate degree to help build my knowledge base. I am currently an intern at Trimble working on a new web application written in JavaScript using React and node. Whether you are a potential employer, friend or someone who wants to discuss programming or math, feel free to contact me with the links at the bottom of the page!

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As the final project for my data structures class, a friend and I designed a Java version of the card game Spades. It has a full Swing GUI and allows any combination of human players and smart bots. This was the first large programming project I ever did and I believe it really helped me understand object oriented programming.

Travel Time

Ever wonder when the best time to leave for work was on a particular day to hit the least amount of traffic? During my internship this summer, I sure did. I designed this multi-threaded Java application to use the Google Maps API to get traffic data, record it and update the GUI in real time.

Algorithm Analysis

As a final project for my algorithms class, I wrote this paper analyzing the time complexity of six common sorting algorithms. The paper takes an in-depth look at time complexity using mathematical analysis and then ran experiments to compare the theoretical results to actual data.

Pascal Compiler

For my senior computer science capstone project I wrote a compiler in Java that compiles a modified version of the Pascal language into MIPS assembly. While not very practical, this project helped me understand the theory behind programming languages.

Pi Research

We conducted research on an 8 node Raspberry Pi cluster computer that we built to learn about parallel processing. Our research paper won 2nd place for best undergraduate research paper at the Midwest Instructional and Computing Symposium held at UW-Lacrosse in 2017.

Address Book

Looking for somewhere new to store your contacts other than your phone? Check out this JavaScript web application for storing basic name and phone number information. Disclaimer: do not actually use this to store contact information.


  • Data Structures (Java)
  • Networking & Communications
  • Game Programming on the Web (JavaScript)
  • Algorithms (Java)
  • Principles of Computer Organization
  • Database Management & Design (SQL)
  • Formal Logic & Computation Theory
  • Programming Languages & Compilers (Java)
  • Cryptography & Security
  • IEEE Software Requirements, Design, Construction & Testing
  • Calculus I, II & III
  • Statistics
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Statistical Modeling
  • Linear Algebra
  • Differential Equations
  • Numerical Mathematics and Computation
  • Java
  • SQL
  • Python
  • C# and .NET Framework
  • JavaScript
  • R
  • Matlab/Octave